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Welcome to Dreaming Realist, Hilary Burrage's new 'magazine style' website. 

Dreaming Realist carries all the general content of Hilary's original website (which is www.hilaryburrage.com, now a focus for her professional interests and activities); but  Dreaming Realist will develop an even wider range of subjects and photographs for you to enjoy, and to comment upon as before.

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PS Hilary now also has another website, a million small conversations, which is about ways to engage in dialogue for positive change.  You can visit this website here.

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Recent Entries

A Gathering And A Big Lunch In Toxteth's Princes Boulevard, Liverpool
09.07.19 Liverpool Toxteth Big Lunch & Gathering Princes Boulevard in Toxteth, Liverpool, was once a bustling avenue, the home of wealthy merchants and many townspeople. Then local fortunes took a desperate downturn, the nadir being the Toxteth riots in 1981. But more recently things have begun to look up, as demonstrated for instance by The Gathering of May 2008, and today's Big Lunch in this historic setting.…
Judge Sonia Sotomayor: Not 'White' And Not Male, Simply An Expert In U.S. Law
pink calculator & spectacles caseSonia Sotomayor is the lawyer and judge who has been nominated by President Barack Obama to fill the vacancy on the bench of the American Supreme Court. This week Judge Sotomayor has been grilled at a senate hearing about her suitability for the post. She is also Hispanic and a woman. This it seems gives rise to fears by interrogating Senators that her judgements may differ from those made previously.…
Where Should We Put The 'Evidence Base' When We Make Policy?
desk and computer How do 'evidence' and 'policy' fit together? It's one thing to hope the evidence will tell us what to do; it's another to persuade everyone else that the logic of how to resolve a given situation is so compelling. Evidence-based policies are a great idea; but different people ask for different sorts of evidence. And policy makers can only deliver what electors will accept. There's a dialogue challenge here somewhere.…